The goal of the key assessment was to create a comprehensive technology plan for a learning or training environment. The following separate pieces will make up then entire plan.

Part One of the assignment was The Technology Management Plan. The creation of a technology plan that will help or improve a technology supported learning environment that can be implemented in my own learning organization. The goal for my plan is to provide an efficient mechanisms facilitating the collection and storing of student progress. By standardize the tracking of student progress using the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards. Centralize student progress by using organizational designated software. Simplify tracking student progress using rubrics created by the Pre-K Report Card Committee based on the top 10 most important skills from Approaches to Learning, Language and Literacy, Physical Development, Mathematical Thinking, and Social Emotional Development domains in the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards

Part Two of the assignment was The Evaluation Plan: the detailed monitoring and evaluation section of the technology plan.Developing an evaluation and a series of assessments to guide my progress on the implementation of the technology plan.

Part Three of the assignment was The Action Plan: the goals, the objectives, strategies, and actions steps that will produce the successful implementation to reach the goal of the technology plan.

Part four of the assignment was to present the project. I presented my technology plan creating a website that laid out the entire plan. The website was designed with four sections: Getting to know us, our plan, the evaluation of the plan, and the resources it took to create the plan.

This assignment helped me to be an effective educator in my field because after about three years of continuing the same system and hearing the frustration of the other teachers as to how overwhelmed they were with the data collection and the amount of data and the redundancy of data we are collecting. I started asking questions and meeting with people in the Pre-K team to see how we could change the system. This was the first step in what took awhile but the end results was the system was finally changed to a system that was more unified and reduced the redundancy of the data being collected.

Technology Project Management

Keys Assessments:

Technology Plan

Evaluation Plan

Action Plan

Website: The presentation of the plan


Tags: Webster University
Started: January 2019
Completed: March 2019