Victoria Wilkerson is an alumni of University of Central Florida (UCF) and Webster University having received a Bachelors in Special Education in 2010 and a Masters Degree in Educational Technology in 2014. Currently in the process of completing Leadership Degree in Educational Technology. Projected graduation date May 2021.

Welcome to her E-Portfolio. She started attending Webster University in the Summer of 2012 taking on-line courses in their Educational Technology (MET) program. graduated May 2014 with a Masters degree in Educational Technology.

The MET program provides students with the opportunity to study the field of instructional technology and its applications in business, industry, military, healthcare, and the K-12 education fields. Applications in design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation are taught throughout the course of study and graduates of the program are competent in applying their skills to these domains of instructional technology practice.

As you visit the various areas of her E-Portfolio you will get a glimpse into her knowledge of the domains of study, understanding of theory, use of theory in practical application, and how her knowledge and skills meet the competencies of the instructional technology field.

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Most current teaching certification with the State of Florida Department of Education.

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My education accomplishments from Associates to a Masters in Educational Technology.

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Workshops and courses I have taken and books read to remain current in my field of expertise.

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Workshops and courses I have taken and books read to remain current in my field of expertise.

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