The goal of the key assessment was to teach students how to research the ethics of a given issue.

The ethical topic I chose to research was the effects of social media on humanity. I chose this topic because after watching the Frontline video Digital Nation, I thought it would be interesting to research a little deeper the effects of social media on humans and how we are evolving. What I learned from the research was social media is much worse than most people know and understand. As good as technology and social media is for us now and the future, it is changing us. As I stated in my research we are becoming Borg-like, a collection of species that have turned into cybernetic organisms functioning as drones. Essentially, social media can make a great servant when kept in its proper place. Otherwise, it will inevitably become a cruel and unyielding taskmaster as the consumers are the merchandise of social media which businesses are using to make immense profits. Instead of writing a standard research paper, I decided to put my research into a website. Since the topic was centered around Social Media and the effects on humanity, it only seemed appropriate to create a website dedicated to share these results. The blind use of social media has caused a pseudo evolution of humanity leading them to empty relationships, broken communication, dysfunctional sex, and reentry into the dark ages of socialization.

My intentions are to keep the website live to use as a tool and a reminder of what can happen if social media is taken for granted. We must be informed of how social media has evolved over the years and the effects it has on us when misused. It is especially important to share with students the ethical issues involved in using social media, providing students and parents with guidelines on how to use social media safely and intentionally. Students need to be aware of how much influence they are allowing social media to have on their lives. It should never take the place of our real life experiences or serve as the foundation of any relationships we value. Any use of social media should only allow an efficient means to update relationships we have personal and real investment in.

This assignment helped me to be an effective educator in my field by bringing awareness of what challenges the current and possible future generations face when it comes to social media and technology use if not used responsibility. Bringing awareness provides the opportunity to teach students to use technology as a resource not a life line. Technology can be a powerful resource, but as Uncle Ben said in Spider-man, "with great power comes great responsibility" (2002).

Computer Ethics & Society

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