Reader's Workshop Framework

Mini-Lesson (15-20 minutes)
Time to Teach
Independent Practice (20-30 minutes)
Time to Practice
Closing (5-10 minutes)
Time to Share

Teacher-led explicit instruction; providing instruction and sharing practices of reading strategies.

Examples could include:

  • mini-lessons
  • guided reading
  • interactive read aloud
  • modeling reading strategies
  • ongoing assessments

Students are:

  • Sitting quietly.
  • Actively engaged in the lesson.

Examples of Resources:

  • mentor texts
  • leveled readers
  • classroom libraries
  • assessments

Students practice strategies on their own by:

  • reading independently
  • writing about using reading strategies in reading journals
  • using sticky notes to keep track of their use of various reading strategies
  • literacy workstations
  • buddy reading

Students are:

  • Reading Just Right Books quietly in their spots.
  • Being respectful of other readers.

This is also a time when:

Example of Resources:

  • classroom library
  • workstations

Students can share about how they used their reading strategy.

Examples could include:

  • book talks
  • Reader's Theater
  • authors / genres / book series

Students are:

  • Discussing their reading with others.
  • Listening actively

Examples of Resources:

Additional Resources:


Tools for Reader's Workshop

  Google image.jpg Google Adobe.png Adobe microsoft.jpg Microsoft Other

Use Google Forms to assess what students know before and after reading or a unit assessment

Assess Digital Storytelling projects

Use Adobe Spark pages to create a professional webfolio

Class Notebook to build a portfolio or a notebook for a class Kahoot (app)
Rubistar (web)
SewSaw (web and app)
iRubric (web)
Book Shopping

Google Books
collection of texts

Google Play Free Books

Adobe Sample ebook library
free ebooks and chapters of famous books (web)

Google Suite for Education (web)
Google Drive (web)

InCopy (Adobe software)

Microsoft Office Teams (software)
Skype (application)

Edmodo (web)
Slack (web) (web)
Drop Box (web)
Box (web)

Digital Cork or white Boards Google Jamboard

Spark students to learn, collaborate, and engage in active new ways with the Jamboard mobile app or 55-inch cloud-powered whiteboard.

Microsoft 365 In Teams there is a whiteboard space

Padlet (web and app)
Popplet ( iOS app)
Corkulous (iTunes app store)
Glogster-3D posters

Digital Storytelling

Google Slides

Aminate (Adobe software)
InDesign (Adobe software)
Illustrator (Adobe software)
Premiere (Adobe software)
Spark (Adobe software)

Microsoft 365 includes:
Power Point
Microsoft Word

Story Board That (web)
PicCollage (Android app and iOS app)
Shadow Puppet (iOS app)

Reading tools

Google Sticky Notes + Widget
Chrome Note (Chrome app)
Sticky Notes(Chrome app)
Acrobat Reader -Read out loud

Immersive Reader creates a reading experience that adds accessibility and comprehension for learners

Audible  is the world’s largest producer and provider of spoken-word entertainment and audiobooks.