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EDTC 6022 Designing Accessible Learning Communities

Key Assessments:

Accessibility Plan -- Create an accessible learning community by removing and preventing barriers for students with disabilities. In compliance with Federal laws, presenting the ethical issues, incorporating Universal Design Principles, and assistive technology in the classroom ultimately to enhance the school experiences of students with disabilities.

Universal Design Action Plan -- The plan included the key people who will ensure the plan gets accomplished; a goal statement that is clear, specific, measurable, and attainable. A step-by-step outline of what is to be done, and the plan included start and end dates as well as check-in dates and celebration dates. Details are included about dates and times for each step of the action plan. Assistive technologies and technology are integrated accommodations to the environment. The plan also included universal design principles to the curriculum materials and instructional resources.

Professional Growth Plan -- Build my own Professional Growth Plan. As a leader and coach in educational technology keeping up with not only the latest tools and the best practices is essential.

TF - VIII Leadership and Vision

Educational technology facilitators will contribute to the shared vision for campus integration of technology and foster an environment and culture conducive to the realization of the vision. Educational technology facilitators:
A. Use the school technology facilities and resources to implement classroom instruction.Candidates:
  1. discuss and evaluate current research in educational technology.
B. Apply strategies for and knowledge of issues related to managing the change process in schools. Candidates:
  1. discuss the history of technology use in schools.
C. Apply effective group process skills. Candidates:
  1. discuss the rationale for forming school partnerships to support technology integration and examine an existing partnership within a school setting.
D. Lead in the development and evaluation of district technology planning and implementation. Candidates:
  1. participate in cooperative group processes and identify the processes that were effective.
  2. conduct an evaluation of a school technology environment.
  3. identify and discuss national, state, and local standards for integrating technology in a school environment.
  4. describe curriculum activities or performances that meet national, state, and local technology standards.
  5. discuss issues related to developing a school technology plan.
  6. discuss the elements of and strategies for developing a technology strategic plan.
  7. examine issues related to hardware and software acquisition and management.
E. Engage in supervised field-based experiences with accomplished technology facilitators and/or directors. Candidates:
  1. examine components needed for effective field-based experiences in instructional program development, professional development, facility and resource management, WAN/LAN/wireless systems, or managing change related to technology use in school-based settings

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